Speed Controller SPD-481500 Installation and Wiring

Rated Voltage  48 Volts
Rated For Motors  Up To 1500 Watts
Maximum Current  45 Amps
Conversion Efficiency  95%
Under Voltage Protection  41 Volts
Recommended Fuse/Circuit Breaker Size  50 Amps
Throttle  Hall Effect Throttle (standard 3 wire)
Dimensions  5-1/2" x 3-7/8" x 2"
Under Voltage Battery Protection: When the battery pack falls below a specific Voltage the controller turns the motor off preventing over discharging of the battery pack which extends the battery packs lifespan. (The cutoff value is approximately 41 Volts 1.0 Volts)

*Battery Pack and Motor Connections

The motor and battery connections share one common positive wire. The red positive lead of the controller is attached to the positive lead of the battery and the positive lead of the motor.

Hall-Effect Throttle Connector Plug
*The battery pack should be the last connection made.
*Fuse or circuit breaker protection and power switch or power relay is required between the speed controller and the battery pack.
*Power switch/relay and fuse/circuit breaker connects to the black wire between the speed controller and battery pack. The fuse/circuit breaker should be as close to the battery pack as possible.