Speed Controller SPD-36800A Installation and Wiring

Rated Voltage   36 Volts
Rated For Motors   Up To 800 Watts
Maximum Current   32 Amps
Under Voltage Protection   31 Volts
Recommended Fuse Size   35 Amps
Dimensions   2-1/2" Wide x 1-1/2" High x 4-1/2" Long
Wire Length   10 Inches
Compatible Plug-And-Play Throttles   Item # THR-1000 and THR-1000-2
Under Voltage Battery Protection: When the battery pack falls below a specific Voltage the controller turns the motor off preventing over discharging of the battery pack which extends the battery packs lifespan. (The cutoff value is approximately 31.0 Volts ± 1.0 Volts)

*Power Connector
Red = Positive
Black = Negative

Mating Connector Item # CNX-50

Required Connection
Motor Connector
Blue = Positive
Green = Negative

Mating Connector Item # CNX-50

Required Connection
Throttle/Battery Gauge Connector
Throttle = Red, Black, Green
**Battery Indicator = Orange, Grey

Mating Connector Item # CNX-65

Throttle is Required Connection
Battery Indicator is Optional Connection
*The power connector should be the last connection made.
*Fuse or circuit breaker protection and a power switch or power relay needs to be installed between the speed controller and battery pack.
**Battery indicator does not need to be connected for the speed controller to operate.