Speed Controller SPD-36900A Installation and Wiring

Rated Voltage   12-36 Volts DC
Rated For Motors   12 Volt Up To 300 Watts 

 24 Volts Up To 600 Watts

 36 Volts Up To 900 Watts

Maximum Current Rating   30 Amps
Conversion Efficiency   95%
Under Voltage Shutoff   10 Volts ± 0.5 Volt
Recommended Fuse/Circuit Breaker Size   40 Amps
Dimensions   4" x 4-3/8" x 1-3/4" (L x W x H)
Throttle   3 Wire Hall-Effect Throttle (Included)

Works with 12, 24, and 36 Volt Battery Packs: Multiple Voltage rated speed controller can be used with 12 Volt, 24 Volt, or 36 Volt battery packs.

Under Voltage Shutoff:  This controller's under Voltage shutoff value is 10 Volts ± 0.5 Volt. This shutoff value is too low for under Voltage protection of 24 and 36 Volt battery packs so using a Voltmeter to monitor the battery pack Voltage is recommended when using it with 24 and 36 Volt battery packs.

Requires Heavy-Duty Switch or Contactor: This controller requires and external switch or contactor to turn it on and off. A heavy-duty disconnect switch such as item # SWT-700 or SWT-705 or power contactor such as item # RLY-24150 or RLY-36150 is needed to turn this controller on and off.

*Power Connector
Red = Positive
Black = Negative

12 Gauge Wire

Required Connection

Motor Connector
Red = Positive
Yellow/Green = Negative

12 Gauge Wire

Required Connection

Throttle Connector

(Built Into Controller)

1 = +5 Volts Output

2 = +1-4 Volts Input

3 = -Negative

Mating Connector Item # CNX-150

Required Connection

*The power should be the last connection made.
*Power switch or power contactor and fuse or circuit breaker need to be installed between the speed controller and battery pack.