Speed Controller SPD-482000A Installation and Wiring

Rated Voltage   48 Volts
Rated For Motors   Up To 2000 Watts
Maximum Current   60 Amps
Conversion Efficiency   95%
Under Voltage Protection   41 Volts 1 Volt
Recommended Fuse/Circuit Breaker Size   60 Amp
Dimensions   6-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 2"
Thick Wire Length   7"
Thin Wire Length   3"
Two Thick Red Wires: The two thick red wires are connected together inside of the controller so it does not matter which thick red wires go.

Requires Heavy-Duty Switch or Power Contactor: This controller does not have a built in power relay to turn it on and off. A heavy-duty power disconnect switch such as item # SWT-700 or SWT-705 or power contactor such as item # RLY-24150 is needed to turn this controller on and off. to the battery pack or motor.

Under Voltage Battery Protection: When the battery pack falls below a specific Voltage the controller turns the motor off preventing over discharging of the battery pack which extends the battery packs lifespan. (The cutoff value is approximately 41 Volts 1.0 Volts)

Motor Cut-Off During Braking: When the brakes are engaged the brake switch signals the controller to turn off the motor. The motor turns on again after the brakes are released.

*Power Connector
Red = Positive
Black = Negative

12 Gauge Stranded Copper Wire

Required Connection
Motor Connector
Red = Positive
Blue = Negative

12 Gauge Stranded Copper Wire

Required Connection
**Throttle Connector
Red = +5 Volts Output
Black = Negative
Green = 1-4 Volts Input Signal

Mating Connector Item # CNX-52

Required Connection
Brake Switch Connector
Black+Yellow Disconnected = Motor On
Black+Yellow Connected = Motor Off

Mating Connector  Item # CNX-51

Optional Connection
*The battery pack should be the last connection made.
*Fuse or circuit breaker protection and power switch or power relay are required to be installed between the speed controller and the battery pack.
*Power switch/relay and fuse/circuit breaker connects to the red wire between the speed controller and battery pack.
**Requires standard 3-wire throttle to operate.