Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 Throttle Replacement Guide

Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 Throttle Replacement Procedure:

  • Remove the faux gas tank and seat assembly.

  • Trace the throttle wire connector back to the coupling and disconnect it. Un-route the wire through the fork and number plate.

  • Loosen the small set-screw on twist-grip. Slide twist grip toward the cross-bar/brake lever. This is to create a small gap between the twist-grip and stationary grip for the stationary grip removal procedure.

  • Remove stationary grip by sliding the blade of a thin blade screwdriver about 1 inch deep between the grip and the bar. Lean the bike with the grip up to allow you to drip 5-10 drops of water (from a Dixie cup or similar) between the bar and grip. Carefully remove the screwdriver. The water will act as lubrication and should allow the grip to be easily slipped off the handlebar.

  • With the grip removed, you can now remove the throttle.

  • To reinstall, reverse the removal instruction, except replace the grip without using the screwdriver or water. Tip: Breath into the grip to create a slight condensation just before installing the grip. The small amount of moisture will facilitate the installation of the grip and be dry in a few minutes and be safe to ride.