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Chain > #415 Chain

#415 Chain

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  • #415 chain is also known as #43, 083, and 1/2" x 3/16" chain.

  • #415 chain has a 1/2" center to center spacing between each pin, a 3/16" spacing between inner links, and is approximately 7/16" wide.

  • Our #415 chain, master links, and half links are available in both heavy-duty and standard-duty versions. Chain Dimensions

  • Heavy-Duty #415 chain is best suited for motorized bicycles and tricycles, freight bicycles, and heavy-duty tricycles.

  • Standard-Duty #415 chain is best suited for light-duty pedal powered tricycles.

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#415 Chain Master Links and Half Links

#415 Chain Master Link
#415 chain master link. The master link connects chain together into a continuous solid loop. Master links also make it possible to remove and install the chain without having to remove the rear wheel.

Heavy-Duty Item # CHN-HD415ML

Standard-Duty Item # CHN-415ML





#415 Chain Half Link
#415 chain half link. Also known as an offset link. The half link enables a chain to be lengthened or shortened by one link, as opposed to two links if a set of links was removed from the chain. The removable half link pin is held in place with an included cotter pin.

Heavy-Duty Item # CHN-HD415HL

Standard-Duty Item # CHN-415HL





#415 Chain Sold By The Link

#415 Chain Sold By The Link

#415 chain with master link custom made to your specifications. Specify the number of links that you need and we will custom make that size chain for you. The number of links including the master link will always be an even number. If an odd number is ordered we will add one to make it an even number.

Heavy-Duty Item # CHN-HD415

Standard-Duty Item # CHN-415


$0.18 Per Link

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$0.14 Per Link

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We stock and sell by the link heavy-duty and standard-duty #415 (1/2" x 3/16") bicycle and tricycle chain, master links, and half links.


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