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Chain Lube

Safe and Biodegradable Chain Lube

Green Slide safe and biodegradable lubricants are made from highly processed and modified plant oils with natural lubrication, cling, and anti-oxidation additives.

Green Slide is safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Contains no petroleum products, metals, PTFE, perfumes, or fragrances. Colored with natural chlorophyll extract.

Green Slide is not your typical green lube - it is a highly refined and modified plant and tree oil formula which has been scientifically engineered for optimal lubrication performance and critical parts protection under all conditions.

Green Slide realizes that every drop of household oil and chain lube goes directly into the environment so we formulate all of our products with safe and biodegradable plant oils and natural additives. If you get Green Slide® on your skin or spill a few drops on the ground there is no need to worry about washing up with soap and water. Simply wipe the oil off with a cloth or towel and you are good to go.

Chain Lube

Green Slide® Chain Lube
Green Slide® safe and biodegradable chain lube. The perfect lube for electric scooters and bikes. Made from highly modified tree and plant oils with all natural cling and anti-oxidation additives.
4 fluid ounce / 120 ml bottle.
Item # GSL-4OZ


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