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Motor Overvoltage Power Calculator



Motor Overvoltage Power Calculator

Original Voltage: Volts
Original Watts Watts
New Voltage Volts

New Watts:

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  • Original Voltage is the Voltage rating of the motor.
  • Original Watts is the Watt rating of the motor.
  • New Voltage is the new Voltage that the motor will be ran at.
  • New Watts is the Watts rating of the motor when ran at the new Voltage.

This calculator provides an estimate of how many Watts an electric motor will consume and how much power it will have when ran at a Voltage other than what it is rated for. Different motors react differently to different Voltages so this calculator will not be 100% acurate with all motors however its results will be very close.



Motor Watts to Horsepower Calculator

Motor Watts: Watts

Motor Power:

  • Motor Watts is the rated Watts of the motor.
  • Motor Power is the Horsepower of the motor.

This calculator provides an estimate of the horsepower of an electric motor. Choose either Brushed or Brushless motor to get the most accurate result. Electric motors may be more or less efficient depending upon their design so this calculator may not be 100% accurate but it will be very close.

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