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Sprocket Diameter Calculator


Chain Sprocket Diameter Calculator

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Sprocket Diameter Results
Sprocket Outside Diameter: Inches

Some manufacturers make their sprocket teeth a little longer or shorter than others so please allow for a small amount of difference in the sprocket's actual outside diameter when using this calculator.

Chain Pitch Guide
Chain Type   Chain Pitch
#25 and #25H Chain   0.25 Inch
#219 and #219H Chain  0.3061 Inch (7.774 Millimeters)
T8F (8mm) Chain   0.315 Inch (8 Millimeters)
#35 Chain  0.375 Inch
#408 (1/2" x 3/32") Chain   0.5 Inch
#410 (1/2" x 1/8") Chain   0.5 Inch
#415 Chain   0.5 Inch
#40, #41, and #420 Chain   0.5 Inch
#428 Chain   0.5 Inch
#520 Chain   0.625 Inch

  • Chain Pitch is the center to center distance between two adjacent pins.

Chain Pitch

chain pitch

  • Sprocket Teeth is the number of individual teeth that the sprocket has.

  • Sprocket Outside Diameter is the overall outside diameter of the sprocket.

Sprocket Outside Diameter

sprocket outside diameter

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