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Brushed Motor Information

Brushless electric motor technology has been around since the 60's however it was perfected in the 80's to the point where they obtained more power than brushed electric motors do. A brushless motor installed on an electric scooter, bike, or go kart will go farther than a brushed motor will using the same size battery pack. The downfall of brushless electric motors is that they are not as reliable or rugged as brushed electric motors and they are more prone to failure from hard starts.


Currie Tech started making electric scooters over a decade ago with brushless motors. These electric scooters were very efficient with the battery packs power however they had a tendency for the motors to burn out if they were not kicked off to walking speed before engaging the throttle. This created a lot of warranty and reputation issues for Currie so they decided to switch to brushed motors on their electric scooters, which they continued to use up until they stopped making electric scooters in 2014.


We recommend using brushless motors on electric bicycles, tricycles, and scooters that will start off from a standstill with the help of the rider.


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