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Brushed Motor Information


Currie Electro-Drive 326 Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit With Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Item # KIT-326

The Currie Tech Electra-Drive 326 electric bicycle conversion kit has a hub motor with powerful 500 Watt brushless motor coupled to a planetary gear reduction transmission inside of an aluminum hub housing. The hub motor is laced to a double wall alloy aluminum rim for use with 26" tires. The battery pack, which is the most expensive component of this kit, weights 10 pound and is rated at 36 Volts 11.4Ah 410Wh. The battery pack has electric vehicle rated Lithium-Ion cells with an advanced battery management system (BMS) and is designed for a lifespan of 500 full discharge and recharge cycles. This kit has a thumb throttle with an LED battery level meter. Includes a rear mount battery rack that the battery pack locks into with a key, and a high quality aluminum cased battery charger.


This complete bicycle conversion kit includes everything needed to convert a bicycle to electric power including batteries and charger. With this electric bicycle conversion kit you can pedal without using the motor, pedal along with the motor, or use the motors power only.


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