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Battery Pack Ride Time Estimator



Battery Pack Ride Time Estimator

Voltage of the battery or battery pack.
Watts rating of the motor.
Ride Time
Minutes of time that the vehicle will be driven.
Type of ground that the vehicle will be driven on.
Flat with Some Hills
Mostly Hills
Deep Sand
Cold Temperature Adjustment
Check if battery is under 65°F.
Battery Age Adjustment
Check if battery is over 6 months old.
Lead Acid Battery Type AGM
 Battery Pack Needed


12 Volt

Ah Batteries



AGM lead acid batteries are used on practically all electric scooters, bikes, and go karts. Gel lead acid batteries are used on some older model mobility scooters and power chairs. Flooded lead acid batteries are commonly used for marine, recreational vehicle, and solar deep cycle battery applications.


This calculator provides an estimate of the battery size needed for a single occupant electric scooter, bike, or go kart. It does not factor in all parameters such as headwinds, tailwinds, excessive rolling resistance, gross vehicle weight, and various terrains. It should be used as an estimating tool only. Your ride time from a certain battery size may vary depending on specific vehicle and riding conditions.


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