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Fender Mount Taillights Seat Post Mount Taillights Handlebar End Lights
Fender Mount Taillights

Fender Mount Taillight with 3-1/4" x 1-1/4" Rectangular Lens and 24 Volt Bulb
Oval shaped fender mount tail light for electric scooters and bikes. Red lens measures 3-1/4" wide x 1-1/4" high. 24 Volt bulb. 20" long wire leads. Mounts onto rear fender with permanently attached molded-in steel bolt. Used on many dolphin shaped body electric scooters.
Item # LIT-800

Fender Mount LED Rear Light Assembly with Brake or Tail Light, Turn Signal Lights, and Parking Light for 36V, 48V and 60V Vehicles
Fender mount LED multiple function electric vehicle rear light assembly. Clear lens measures 7" wide x 2-1/4" high. Works with 36 Volt, 48 Volt and 60 Volt electrical systems. The brake or tail light has three red LEDs, each turn signal light has two amber LEDs, and the parking light has two attention grabbing multi-color flashing LEDs. 44" long electrical cable with 6-terminal connector. Mating connecter item # CNX-54F sold below.
Wiring Directions
Item # LIT-850

6 Terminal 2.8mm Female Connector
Six terminal connector with female housing and 2.8mm male terminals. Works with LED rear light cluster item # LIT-850 sold above.
Item # CNX-54F
Seat Post Mount Taillights

5 LED Electric Scooter or Bicycle Taillight
Super-bright 5 LED taillight for electric scooters and bikes. Seat post mounting clip. Push button power switch activates steady or flashing mode. Gasket sealed weatherproof design can be used in all riding conditions. Easy to install. This tail light has up to 100 hours of run time on two AAA batteries. (batteries not included)
Item # LIT-600

5 LED Electric Scooter or Bicycle Taillight With 2 Laser Lane Markers
Super-bright 5 LED taillight with 2 lane marking lasers for electric scooters and bikes. The lasers are very bright and easy to see. Seat post mounting clip. Push button LED power switch activates 7 modes including steady and flashing. Push button Laser power switch activates laser lane markers which can be steady or flashing. Weatherproof design. Easy to install. This tail light has up to 9 hours of run time on two AAA batteries with LED lights and laser markers on, and up to 36 hours of run time with LED lights on. (batteries not included)
Item # LIT-635


Planet Bike® 3 LED Electric Scooter or Bicycle Taillight
Tail light includes seat post mounting clip and rear fork mounting clip for multiple mounting options. 3 Super-bright LED's. Weatherproof. Soft-touch power switch accesses flashing or steady mode for up to 200 hours of run time on two AAA batteries. (batteries included)
Item # LIT-655

Planet Bike® 7 LED Wide-View Electric Scooter or Bicycle Taillight
Tail light includes seat post mounting clip, rear fork mounting clip, and arm strap for multiple mounting options. 7 Super-bright LED's aimed 5 ways for over 220 degrees of visibility. Visibility up to 2000 feet. Weatherproof, lightweight and durable. Up to 100 hours of run time on two AAA batteries (batteries included).
Item # LIT-700

Package of 8 Super Heavy Duty AAA Batteries
Package of eight quantity super heavy duty AAA batteries. Works with all of the taillights sold above.
Item # BAT-AAAX8


Machined Aluminum Single LED Electric Scooter or Bicycle Taillight
Premium quality machined aluminum super-bright LED taillight for electric scooters and bikes. Available in silver, blue, gold, and black. Adjustable quick-release silicone rubber seat post mounting strap for easy installation. Pressing the lens turns the light on and off and activates steady or flashing mode. Wide angle 240 degree lens. Weatherproof design. Up to 50 hours of run time on steady and 150 hours on flashing mode. Each light uses and includes two CR2032 lithium batteries and replacement CR2032 batteries are sold below.
Item # LIT-625, LIT-626, LIT-627, LIT-628








CR2032 Battery

CR2032 Lithium Battery
3 Volt CR2032 lithium battery. Works with our machined aluminum LED taillight item # LIT-625, LIT-626, LIT-627, and LIT-628 sold above. Compact size and a long lifespan make lithium batteries a great choice for portable lighting.
Item # BAT-CR2032
Handlebar Grip End Lights


Handlebar End Safety Lights
Set of two black anodized aluminum handlebar end lights. 240° wide viewing angle. Each light has two super bright red LED lights inside of it with a translucent silicone lens. Press the lens once for flashing red light, twice for continuous red light, and a third time to turn the light off. Both lights can be turned on at the same time as safety lights or they can be individually turned on and off as needed for turn signals. Fits virtually all electric scooter and bike handlebars. Minimum handlebar ID that they will fit is 16mm and maximum is 23mm. The aluminum bezel unthreads from the aluminum base for easy battery replacement. Each handlebar end light uses two AG10 batteries (batteries included)
Item # LIT-101

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