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Electric Scooter, Beach Cart, Go-Kart, and Bicycle Kits

Need help determining which kit to get?

Visit our Kit Selection Guide for help determining which size motor and sprockets will work best for your project.

Electric Scooter Power Kits

Electric Go Kart Power Kits

Electric Beach Cart Power Kits

Electric Bar Stool Racer Power Kits

DIY Electric Bicycle Kits

Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

Razor Dirt Bike, Go-Kart, and Scooter Modification Kits

Our Razor modification kits are designed with the correct size motors and sprockets so no motor power calculations or gear ratio calculations are needed to choose them.

Razor MX350, MX400, MX500, MX650,
and SX500 Dirt Bike Modification Kits

Razor Ground Force and Ground
Force Drifter Modification Kits

Razor Dune Buggy
Modification Kits

Razor Dirt Quad
Modification Kits

Razor Electric Scooter
Modification Kits


Controller and Throttle Kits

Controller and Throttle Kits

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Electric Scooter Parts carries both electric scooter power kits and electric bicycle conversion kits. Electric scooter power kits are designed to re-power older electric scooters and also to power new electric scooter and bike projects. Complete electric bicycle conversion kits are designed to easily install on almost any standard bicycle. Electric Scooter Parts has a wide selection of electric bicycle conversion parts and accessories. We now offer K2 LiFePO4 battery packs and battery chargers for our electric bicycle conversion kits.


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