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Battery Charger Connectors


Battery Connectors


Battery Harnesses


Wire Connectors


Small Black
Wire Connectors


Large Black
Wire Connectors


Other Wire Connectors


Crimp Connectors


2-Prong Power Connectors


Relay Connectors


Throttle Extension Cables


Universal Extension Cables


Throttle Adapters


Power Cords


Wire Cables
for Brushless Motors


Junction Boxes


Heat Shrink Tubing


Throttle Speed Limiters


Red Wire Connectors

Anderson Powerpole Connectors

XT Connectors


Cable Connectors




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Electric Scooter Parts stocks a wide variety of wire connectors and wiring harnesses for nearly all makes and models of electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric go karts, electric pocket bikes, electric dirt bikes, plus all other types of small ride-on electric vehicles. We have the wire connectors and harnesses needed to do a clean, reliable and professional installation.


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