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Battery Recharge Time Calculator


Battery Recharge Time Calculator

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Battery Recharge Time Calculation Results
Recharge Time    Hours

This calculator estimates the amount of time that it takes to charge a deeply discharged battery or battery pack and works with any Voltage of battery or battery pack and battery charger.


Practically all electric scooter, bike, and go kart battery packs are wired in series. For series wired battery packs enter the Ah rating of the individual batteries in the pack. For example if a battery pack has three 12 Volt 10 Ah batteries then enter 10 Ah into the calculator.


For the battery charger output field enter the charger's output Amp rating and not its input Amp rating. Some battery charger list their output rating as mA instead of Amp. If the charger's output rating is in mA then use the calculator below to convert the mA rating into an Amp rating and enter the Amp rating into the calculator above.


mA to Amp Conversion Calculator

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* mA

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