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Chain > #415 Chain

#415 Chain

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  • #415 chain is also known as #43, 083, and 1/2" x 3/16" chain.

  • #415 chain has a 1/2" center to center spacing between each pin, a 3/16" spacing between inner links, and is approximately 7/16" wide.

  • Our #415 chain, master links, and half links are available in both heavy-duty and standard-duty versions. Chain Dimensions

  • Heavy-Duty #415 chain is best suited for motorized bicycles and tricycles, freight bicycles, and heavy-duty tricycles.

  • Standard-Duty #415 chain is best suited for light-duty pedal powered tricycles.

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#415 Chain Master Links and Half Links

#415 Chain Master Link
#415 chain master link. The master link connects chain together into a continuous solid loop. Master links also make it possible to remove and install the chain without having to remove the rear wheel.

Heavy-Duty Item # CHN-HD415ML

Standard-Duty Item # CHN-415ML





#415 Chain Half Link
#415 chain half link. Also known as an offset link. The half link enables a chain to be lengthened or shortened by one link, as opposed to two links if a set of links was removed from the chain. The removable half link pin is held in place with an included cotter pin.

Heavy-Duty Item # CHN-HD415HL

Standard-Duty Item # CHN-415HL





#415 Chain Sold By The Link

#415 Chain Sold By The Link

#415 chain custom made to your specifications. Specify the number of links that you need and we will custom make that size chain for you. Remember to order a master link sold above to complete the installation.

Heavy-Duty Item # CHN-HD415

Standard-Duty Item # CHN-415


$0.18 Per Link

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$0.14 Per Link

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We stock and sell by the link heavy-duty and standard-duty #415 (1/2" x 3/16") bicycle and tricycle chain, master links, and half links.


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