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Chain Tools

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Chain breakers do not actually break the chain. They remove the pins that hold the chain links together. When two of the pins are removed the chain can be taken apart by hand. Master links are used to connect chain together into a continuous solid loop.

Bicycle Chain Tool
Bicycle chain tool for 1/2"x3/32" (#408) and 1/2"x1/8" (#410) chain. This tool presses link pins completely out of the chain for chain shortening or removal and presses link pins into press fit master link plates for chain installation.
Item # CHB-120

Chain Breaker Tool #25 Chain

Chain Breaker for #25 Chain
Designed for use with standard duty and heavy duty #25 chain only. Easy to use design. All steel construction with forged steel jaws and hardened steel press pin. Includes one extra press pin. Presses the link pin completely out of the chain.
Item # CHB-2500

Chain Breaker Tool Pin

Replacement Press Pin for CHB-2500 Chain Breaker Tool
Replacement press pin for item # CHB-2500 chain breaker tool.
Item # CHB-2500-PIN

Chain Breaker Tool #420 Through #530

Chain Breaker for #415 Through #530 Chain
Works on #415, #420, #428, #520, #525, and #530 chain. Easy to use design. Heavy-duty all steel construction. Hardened steel press pin. Presses the link pin completely out of the chain.
Item # CHB-4253


Chain Breaker for #25 Through #60 Chain
Works on #25 through #60 chain and on 8mm T8F chain. Easy to use design. Drop-forged hardened steel jaws. Hardened steel breaker tip. Includes extra replacement tip with mounting adhesive.
Item # CHB-2560

Quick Install Master Link Tool
Quick install master link installation and removal tool. Works with quick install master links.
Item # CTL-100

Chain Cleaning Brush

Chain Cleaning Brush
Chain cleaning brush for scooters, bikes, motorcycles, and go karts. Stiff nylon bristles. The 3-head brush has a 1/2" spacing between its opposing bristles. Full size handle for easy cleaning. Overall length of brush is 10 inches.
Item # CBR-100


Greenslide Chain Lube

Green Slide® Chain Lube
Green Slide® safe and biodegradable chain lube. The perfect lube for electric scooters and bikes. Made from highly modified tree and plant oils with all natural cling and anti-oxidation additives.
4 fluid ounce / 120 ml bottle. More Information
Item # GSL-4OZ


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