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Chinese Electric Scooter Parts

If you do not see your Chinese electric scooter model listed below then don't give up. The right part can usually still be found by matching up the part that needs to be replaced with an identical looking part that has similar specifications.

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Store Polices | Electric Scooter Repair Help | Dealer Discounts | Feedback | About Us stocks scooter parts for virtually all makes and models of Chinese electric scooters. Some of these electric scooters are unbranded and have no manufacturer's name or model number on them. If your electric scooter does not have a nametag or model number then it is almost certainly a Chinese electric scooter. These are what we call generic electric scooters. Many electric scooter companies do not manufacture their own scooters. They import them from large overseas factories in China who only offer a handful of design choices. This is why there are so many identical looking electric scooters with different nametags on them. There have only been a small number of electric scooter models imported into the US, however these models have been sold by well over 100 different scooter companies and importers over the past 12 years.


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