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Electric Scooter Power Kits

We sell electric scooter power and conversion kits made with both brushed and brushless motors so you can build, upgrade, or modify your own electric scooter. Our electric power systems come with matching and labeled connectors on all of the parts so all you have to do is plug everything together. This make what can often times be the most difficult part of building an electric scooter simple, easy, and fun. If you have plans to build an electric scooter then we have the kits and parts to help make it a reality.

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At Electric Scooter Parts we sell more than just individual scooter parts. We sell electric scooter power kits which include multiple parts all sold together at a discounted price. Most electric scooter power kits include the motor, controller, throttle, and motor sprocket. The components in our electric scooter kits are electronically and wire connector matched to each other for easy plug-and-play assembly without the worry of having to attach new connectors. These kits are designed for re-powering old electric scooters or for making new electric scooters from scratch. We do not recommend using our electric scooter kits for electric bicycles unless a gear reduction transmission is installed between the motor and the rear wheel, otherwise the motor will lug and possibly overheat. For power kits specifically designed for electric bicycles please visit the Electric Bicycle Kits page.


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