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Freewheel Mechanism Removal and Installation


Freewheels with Four Notches

This is the easiest type of freewheel to remove and the best way to remove it is with a four-notch freewheel removal tool such as our item # FWM-400 which is available on our Freewheel Clutches Page.
Four-Notch Freewheel Removal Tool
Since this style of freewheel has notches a punch and hammer can also attempt to be used to remove it. However, if it has been mounted on the wheel for a long time or if the wheel has been exposed to water then it may be difficult to remove with a punch and hammer and a four-notch freewheel removal tool may be needed to remove it.


Freewheels without Notches

This freewheel mechanism removal method uses common tools which can be found in most households. This method is destructive to the freewheel, however if you are replacing the freewheel then it is most likely already broken anyways.
The removal of the freewheel mechanism requires disassembling the freewheel to gain access to it's inner shaft and then using a plumbing wrench or pliers to unthread the inner shaft from the threaded wheel hub.
To disassemble the freewheel it's locking ring needs to be unthreaded and removed first. The locking ring has two indentations on the front of it to help assist with it's removal.
Use a scribe, punch, nail setter, or small screwdriver along with a hammer to tap on and unthread the lock ring from the inner shaft of the freewheel. It is usually not very difficult to remove and once you get it started with tools it can usually be unthreaded by hand the rest of the way.
Next pull on and remove the outer part of the sprocket and the bearings from the rest of the freewheel to expose the freewheels inner shaft. Then use a plumbing wrench or pliers to unthread the freewheel's inner shaft from the threaded wheel hub.
Installing a new freewheel is easy. Simply thread the new freewheel onto the wheel hub and hand tighten it. Then install the wheel like you normally would and take the scooter or bike for a drive. As the scooter or bike is being driven the freewheel will automatically tighten up and be properly seated.


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