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Handlebar End Lights

Handlebar End Safety Lights
Set of two black anodized aluminum handlebar end lights. 240° wide viewing angle. Each light has two super bright red LED lights inside of it with a translucent silicone lens. Lens is white when light is off and red when light is on. Press the lens once for flashing red light, twice for continuous red light, and a third time to turn the light off. Both lights can be turned on at the same time as safety lights or they can be individually turned on and off as needed for turn signals. Fits virtually all electric scooter and bike handlebars. Minimum handlebar ID that they will fit is 16mm and maximum is 23mm. The aluminum bezel unthreads from the aluminum base for easy battery replacement. Each handlebar end light uses two AG10 batteries. (batteries included)
Item # LIT-101

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