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Handlebar Grip Removal Guide




There are two options for removing electric scooter and bicycle grip. If you are going to throw them away then they can be cut off, or if you are going to save them then they can be removed.


The Cut Them Off and Throw Them Away Method

If you are planning on throwing the grips away they can be cut off. However, try pulling them off by hand first and if they come off by hand then that will be faster than cutting them off. If the grips do need to be cut off then be careful not to damage the handlebars with the blade. To prevent scoring the handlebar with the blade make a shallow cut the length of the grips and then peel the grips off.


The Remove and Save Them Method

If you want to save the grips and they will not come off by hand then slide a long thin screwdriver between the grip and handlebar and then spray soapy water or rubbing alcohol in the separation between the grip and bar. This may be enough to now remove the grips by hand however if not then repeat the process in another place on the grips until they can be removed by hand. Once the grips are removed then if soapy water was used, wash them with water to get all of the soap off the inside and outside of the grips. If rubbing alcohol was used then it will evaporate so the grips do not need to be washed with water. If the grips are being stubborn to remove then getting them warm by leaving them in the sun on a warm day, or using a hair dryer or other method to warm them up, can help soften them so they are easier to remove.


Installing the New Grips

The first step is to clean the handlebar ends with rubbing alcohol to make sure they are oil and contaminant free. Then spray the inside of the grip and the handlebar end with rubbing alcohol and slide the grip onto the bar. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate before riding the electric scooter or bike. It can take up to a few hours for the alcohol to evaporate depending on the weather.



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