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Self Balancing Scooter (Hoverboard) Parts


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Two wheel self balancing scooters are called by many names including:

  • Self Balancing Scooter

  • Smart Balance Wheel

  • Smart Balance Scooter

  • Balancing Scooter

  • Balance Scooter

  • Balance Wheel

  • Smart Two Wheel Electric Scooter

  • Hoverboard

  • Swegway

And are sold under many different brand names including:

  • Smart Balance Wheel

  • Hoverboard

  • TG-Q3

  • IO Hawk

  • Monorover

  • Phunkeeduck

  • Ameritoy

  • Powerboard

  • Skeeterboard

  • Leray

  • i-Scooter

  • Swagway

  • Swegway

  • KiiRover

  • FunAce

  • Witech

  • Kash Technology

  • EaseeTop

  • Ziznba

  • Ruichy

  • Audew

  • Exooter

  • Aszune

  • ShimonTech

  • Yaha

  • Sprocker

  • Erover

  • Zscoot

  • Bab

  • RoverFX

  • GalaxyBoard

  • HoverBoost

  • CoolReall

  • Outtop

  • Drift Board

  • Weecoo

  • Vivovill

  • Bedicar

  • Powerextra

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At Electric Scooter Parts we sell a full selection of parts and accessories for two wheel self-balancing electric scooters. The extreme popularity of this new breed of self-balancing electric scooters has taken the world by storm and they are are gaining popularity on a daily basis. People comment that they are intuitive to control and practically read your mind once you learn how to ride them. There are countless online videos with people dancing and performing tricks using these self balancing scooters. These are some of the most popular and fastest selling electric scooters that we have ever seen. For repair help we have created a self balancing scooter repair forum especially for these scooters.


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