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Battery Charger Is Lost


Check The Make And Model Page

Check to see if your electric scooter, bike, or go kart make and model is listed in the Browse Parts by Make and Model section to determine which battery charger it requires.


For Lead-Acid Batteries or Battery Packs


Count The Batteries

If your scooters make and model is not listed then you can determine which battery charger it requires by counting the number of individual batteries in the battery pack and reading the Amp hour/Ah rating on the batteries.


Match a battery pack to the correct size battery charger using the chart below.


Number Of Batteries   Charger Voltage
1 battery = 12 Volt Charger
2 batteries = 24 Volt Charger
3 batteries = 36 Volt Charger
4 batteries = 48 Volt Charger
5 batteries = 72 Volt Charger
Battery Amp Hour Rating   Charger Amperage
5 Amp hour/Ah batteries = 500Ma/ / 0.5A Charger
7-8 Amp hour/Ah batteries = 1 Amp Charger
9-15 Amp hour/Ah batteries = 1.6 Amp Charger
18-22 Amp hour/Ah batteries = 2.5-3 Amp Charger


For example, if an electric scooter has three 12 Amp hour/Ah batteries then it would require a 36 Volt 1.6 Amp battery charger.


For Lithium (Li-ion, LiPo, LiFePO4) Batteries or Battery Packs


Check The Battery Pack Voltage

Check the Lithium battery's information label to see if it indicates what the battery's actual Voltage is. Some Lithium battery packs will only show their nominal Voltage which is not useful for determining what charger needs to be used with it. For further information on Lithium battery nominal and actual Voltage visit our Lithium Battery Chargers page.


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