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Repair Help > Electric Scooter, Bike, Go-Kart, and ATV Troubleshooting Guide


Electric Scooter, Bike, Go-Kart, and ATV Troubleshooting Guide


Vehicle Does Not Run

Vehicle Runs Slowly

Vehicle Runs Constantly

Vehicle Cycles On and Off

Vehicle Only Runs At Partial Throttle

Vehicle Runs But Not With a Rider On It

Vehicle Only Runs for a Short Amount of Time

Vehicle Only Runs When Its Wheel Is In The Air

Vehicle Only Runs When Charger is Plugged Into It

Battery or Battery Pack

Battery or Battery Pack Does Not Take a Charge

Battery or Battery Pack Does Not Hold a Charge

Battery Charger
Battery Charger Light Stays Green

Battery Charger Does Not Work
Battery Charger is Lost

Speed Controller
Speed Controller Does Not Work

Speed Controller Clicks But Vehicle Does Not Move

Throttle Battery Indicator Does Not Light Up

Throttle Freezes or Sticks


Motor Runs But Scooter Does Not Move


Chain Falls Off Rear Wheel or Motor

Chain Moves and Rear Wheel Does Not Turn

Chain and Sprocket Do Not Work Together or Are Too Loud

Belt Falls Off Rear Wheel or Motor
Key is Lost
Fuse / Circuit Breaker
Fuse is Lost

Fuse or Circuit Breaker Keeps Blowing Out

Motor to Controller Wire Insulation or Connectors Have Melted
Brakes Do Not Function Properly

Tires / Tubes
Tires Go Flat Frequently

For repair help topics targeted toward a specific electric scooter, electric bike, electric ATV, or electric go-kart our Repair Forum may have a topic that goes into more details on that make and model than the troubleshooting guides above do.

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At Electric Scooter Parts we have been providing electric scooter troubleshooting help to our customers for nearly two decades. We build and repair our own electric scooters and bikes, and we have helped thousands of people troubleshoot and repair their electric scooters and bicycles. Through our hands-on and customer service experience we have learned what the most common electric scooter problems are, and how to test, diagnose, and repair them. We have compiled our knowledge into this online electric scooter troubleshooting guide.  Although we may not mention electric bicycles on every page of this troubleshooting guide, electric scooters and electric bicycles share the same electrical components so troubleshooting methods are usually the same.


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