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Troubleshooting Guide

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Fuse Is Lost


Lost Glass Fuse And Fuse Cap

One of the most common reasons glass fuses become lost is due to the fuse holder cap unthreading and popping off while riding. When the fuse holder cap unthreads all of the way the spring that holds the fuse in place ejects the fuse and fuse holder cap straight off of the side of the scooter.


Used Electric Scooter With No Fuse

It is common for used electric scooters which are sold in non-running condition to be missing their fuse.


What Fuse Amp Rating Do I Need?

If the fuse is lost check the scooter's owners manual or contact the manufacturer for the correct size fuse to use. Most electric scooters use fuses in the 20-40 Amp range.


Electric Scooter Fuse Types







We carry fuses on our Fuses Page.

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