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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide > Chain Falls Off Rear Wheel Or Motor

Chain Falls Off Rear Wheel Or Motor


Determine The Chain And Sprockets History

Chains and sprockets will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. It is difficult to determine exactly how long a chain or sprocket will last. How many miles the scooter has been driven, how often the chain was lubricated, and if the scooter has been driven on clean or dirty/sandy surfaces all play into how long a chain and sprocket will last.

Chains wear and stretch-out the more they are used. If a chain is replaced before it gets too worn-out then the sprockets will not be damaged, however if the chain is not replaced in time then it will wear-out the sprockets and they will need to be replaced along with the chain.


Inspect The Chain And Align The Sprockets

Make sure the chain is properly tensioned and adjust the tension if necessary. The chain should have approximately 1/4" of play up and down when properly tensioned. Inspect the rear wheel sprocket for proper alignment with the motor sprocket. The rear wheel sprocket should be pointing directly towards the motor sprocket and the chain should be centered on the sprocket and not pulling to one side or the other. Always use two wrenches to loosen and tighten the axle nuts to avoid damage to the wheel. To adjust the rear wheel sprocket loosen the rear wheel axle bolts just a little and then tap and pull on the tire to adjust the wheel. Once the wheel has been properly aligned and tensioned then go ahead and tighten the axle bolts back up. Motors are usually not adjustable so adjusting the rear wheel is the only way to align the sprockets on most electric scooters.

If the chain started falling off directly after a sprocket alignment or a tire and tube replacement then the rear sprocket may be out of alignment, or the axle spacers may have been reinstalled in the incorrect order. Try aligning the rear wheel sprocket to the motors sprocket first, and if that does not help then try rearranging the axle spacers to make the alignment correct once again.


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