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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide > Belt Falls Off The Rear Wheel Or Motor

Belt Falls Off The Rear Wheel Or Motor


Belt Falls Off Rear Wheel Or Motor

When a drive belt falls off the motor or the rear wheel but it stays on the scooter the belt is usually out of alignment. To align an electric scooter belt use two wrenches to loosen and tighten the axle nuts to avoid damage to the axle hardware.
1- Loosen the hardware that attaches the brake to the scooter frame.
2- Loosen the rear axle nuts just a little.
3- Adjust the rear wheel until the perfect balance of belt tension and belt alignment are obtained.
4- Tighten the axle bolts.


Belt Breaks And Falls Off Scooter

When a belt breaks and falls off the scooter it is usually caused by excessive belt tension, pebbles or twigs getting stuck between the belt or cog teeth, or from the belt being worn-out. It is common for electric scooter belts to break and fall off and get lost down the road. If your belt is missing there are several ways to determine which belt size you need.


To Select The Right Size Drive Belt:


1 - Check The Outside Of The Old Belt for Numbers And Letters

These numbers and letters may be placed together (5355M15), or they may have dashes and or forward slashes between them (535-5M/15), or they may have the first 5 digits only (535-5M or 5M535). Other variations are also possible depending upon the belt manufacturer.


2 - Check The Belts Listed by Scooter Make and Model Page


3 - If The Belt Does Not Have Its Size Printed On It

a) Measure the length of the belts loop
b) Measure the distance from peak to peak of two adjacent belt teeth
c) Measure the width of belt


4 - If The Belt Is Missing Or Lost

Wrap a small length of electrical wire firmly around the scooters drive belt cogs positioned in place where the drive belt would be. Mark the wires with a pen where they intersect. The length between the pen marks indicates the approximate belt length that is required. The sprocket's peak to peak teeth distance and the sprocket's teeth width measurements will also need to be taken.


Drive Belt Sizing Guide

Length of belts loop in mm
(3 numbers)

Peak to peak teeth distance in mm
(1 number with "M" on the end)

Width in mm
(2 numbers)




Drive Belt Teeth Spacing

3mm Teeth

The distance from peak to peak of two adjacent belt teeth is 3mm or slightly under 1/8" apart.

5mm Teeth

The distance from peak to peak of two adjacent belt teeth is 5mm or slightly over 3/16" apart.

Inches to Millimeters Conversion Formula
Inches x 25.4 = Millimeters

The conversion calculator below will calculate this formula.
(example: 24" x 25.4 = 609.59mm (a 610mm belt match)


Inches to Millimeters Conversion Calculator

Calculator Accepts Inch Decimals Only






Inch Fraction to Inch Decimal Conversion Chart

Inch Fraction
Inch Decimal
  1/16" =
  1/8" =
  3/16" =
  1/4" =
  5/16" =
  3/8" =
  7/16" =
  1/2" =
  9/16" =
  5/8" =
  11/16" =
  3/4" =
  13/16" =
  7/8" =
  15/16" =



This conversion calculator only accepts inch decimals and not inch fractions. Use the conversion chart above to convert inch fractions into inch decimals before entering figure into calculator.


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