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Tires Go Flat Frequently


Types Of Flats

Tires can go flat from road hazards such as thorns, glass, tacks, nails, potholes, rocks, and debris. They can also go flat from tube pinches and valve stem separation due to under-inflation or improper installation.


Flats From Road Hazards

If you are getting frequent flats from road hazards there are several products available which are designed to help. We have heavy-duty thorn-resistant inner tubes available for scooters with 12-1/2" wheels. We also have Slime tire sealant available which works on all size tires. Thorn-resistant plastic strips which go between the tire and the tube are also available to help prevent flats.


Flats From Improper Tire Pressure

Keeping the tires properly inflated is one of the best way to prevent flats. Under-inflated tires seem to always go flat quickly. Electric scooters have a lot of weight on the rear wheel when they are being driven due to the battery pack and the position of the rider on the scooter. We recommend inflating the tire pressure all the way up to the tires maximum recommended pressure rating. Keeping tires as full of air as possible is one of the best things you can do to help keep them from going flat.


Flats From Improper Installation

When installing an inner tube on an electric scooter one of the most common mistakes made is not partially filling the inner tube with air before installing it. Inner tubes which are installed with no air in them tend to get pinched between the tire and rim during installation or between the two sides of split rims as they are being bolted together. When an inner tube gets pinched it usually creates a hole in it.


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