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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide > Brakes Do Not Function Properly

Brakes Do Not Function Properly


Inspect The Brake Pads Or Shoes

Inspect the brake pads or brake shoes for excessive wear and replace them if they are worn-out or damaged.


Adjust The Brake Cable Tension

If the brake pads or brake shoes are in good condition then try tightening the brake cable adjuster on the brake lever or on the brake itself until the brakes feel more responsive. Make sure that the brakes are not rubbing on the rotor or rim when the brake lever is released. If the brake cable adjusters have been adjusted to the end of their limits then screw them in all the way. Next tighten the brake cable by loosening the brake cable stopper, pulling the brake cable tight, and then tightening the brake cable stopper. The final brake cable tension adjustment can now be made by unthreading a brake cable adjuster until the proper tension is achieved.


Maintain The Braking System

 Keep rims and discs clean and straight.
 Replace worn brake shoes and pads promptly.
 Replace worn or frayed cables and housings.
 Lightly lubricate brake pivot points.

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