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Troubleshooting Guide > Chain Moves And Rear Wheel Does Not Turn

Chain Moves And Rear Wheel Does Not Turn



If the chain moves and the rear wheel does not turn then the most common cause of this issue is a faulty freewheel. The freewheel is the part that is located between the rear rim's hub and the rear sprocket. When the freewheel fails the chain and rear sprocket will move and the rear wheel will remain still. Not all electric scooters and bike have freewheels so the advise on this page is targeted toward vehicles with freewheels.


Inspect the Chain and Sprockets

With the rear wheel on the ground turn the power on and engage the throttle until the chain start to move. Then check to see if the rear sprocket is moving and the rear wheel is staying still. If this is happening then the freewheel is faulty and needs to be replaced. The freewheel threads onto the rear wheel hub and the sprocket is bolted onto the freewheel. We have a Freewheel Removal and Installation Guide to help with removing and installing the freewheel.


If a New Motor or Controller Was Just Installed

If this started happening immediately after a new motor or controller was installed then it is likely that the polarity between the motor and controller wires was installed in reverse so the motor is spinning backward instead of forward. If this is the case then the polarity of the wires between the motor and controller can be reverse to get the motor to spin forward again.


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